Kami Retro

Kami Retro 1.6

Old school platforming for Android


  • Fun, puzzle platformer
  • Responsive touch controls
  • Lots of levels


  • Ads disrupt gameplay
  • Difficulty increases unevenly


8-bit will never disappear and Kami Retro, a platform puzzle game, is a good reason why.

Even from the title, Kami Retro applies the style of 8-bit games and reintroduces it with three dimensional graphics over a two dimensional level. With touch screen controls, players will manipulate the Kami by swiping over him to get him to jump and turn; traversing the levels to get from the green starting door to the red exit door.

The challenges in Kami Retro are split over five worlds each containing twelve levels. At the start of a new world, an additional tool is introduced like a springboard or fan adding new puzzle elements. Each Kami Retro world focuses on the new tool and adds a new amount of difficulty. Later levels might require trial and error to complete.

Kami Retro for Android is free supported by ads that appear on the start screen and on each level. he problem is the ads have a tendency to cover the bottom of the screen and overlay part of the level, obscuring level information.

Controls are responsive in Kami Retro, but an accidental swipe on the touch screen might send a Kami to his doom. Platform puzzle fans will enjoy the difficulty in later worlds, and casual players can quickly become addicted.

Kami Retro is a quick pick-up-and-play game, but the inclusion of the ads on each level has a tendency to increase the difficulty unnecessarily.

Kami Retro


Kami Retro 1.6

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